Hausman (a.k.a. Devon Ausman) has been producing original music since 2012, specializing in progressive house and trance. His music has been influenced by a variety of sources, including progressive rock, indie rock, experimental, and general progressive music. With a keen ear for catchy melodic content and captivating harmonic progressions, he seeks to craft his compositions into musical and textural journeys that intend to captivate the listener and spark an emotional connection.


As a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, he’s been exposed to a wealth of knowledge encompassing recording, production, engineering, sound design, and programming. While his current digital audio workstation of choice is Ableton, he has a great deal of experience working with Pro Tools, Logic, Max, and can find his way around any DAW if needed. He’s worked on many projects in various sectors of production, including recording live instruments, audio post-production, scoring, mixing, mastering, as well as music composition and arranging within a DAW.